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Is it real gold?

Yes, it is real 23 Carat Gold.

In the goldleaf capital of the world,
Schwabach in Germany the goldleaf is beaten so thin, that 12.000 leaves
are only 1 millimeter thick.

Can you eat Gold?

Yes, Gold is a certified food additive,
with the number E 175.

Gold is one of the oldest medicines
in the history of mankind.

It is also called…

"Metal of Light"

The Goldmarie FOOD gilding box
consists of a brush with which you
Gild food, a gold leaf booklet with
50 leaves of real 23 carat Schwabacher leaf gold
and two glasses filled with eacha

Here you will find tutorials in which our Lara shows you how to gild your food with the Goldmarie gilding box.

Lara is an eye-trained gilder and works in the 6th generation
in the family-owned company Noris Blattgold.

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