The golden highlight for Gourmets. Use Gold and Silver TO REFINE YOUR FOOD AND BEVERAGE.

Industrial use of gold leaf for professionals from champagne producers, chocolaterie, pastry, gastronomy and more.

We offer individually product quantities and services. We are happy to advise you on questions about larger packaging units.

From years of experience, designed separate production line for edible gold leaf and silver leaf.

Products from GOLDMARIE to beautify and refine of food and beverages.

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The brand for the highest quality and innovation. Controlled food quality.


Tested and certified food-grade

GOLDMARIE products are subject to the strictest quality standards and have been tested and certified for food safety

From our many years of experience, we have developed a special, separate production line for edible gold leaf and silver, in which all operating materials comply with food guidelines…

“Is gold leaf vegan? What does gold taste like? Which quantity is suitable for consumption?”